The Tricia (anamacara) wrote in the_highlands,
The Tricia

[[ continued from here ]]

Listening to him talk about his own life made her feel her own troubles seemed insignificant, small. She was also a little jealous that he got to go away to school, like she'd always longed to do. Moving to sit at his feet, looking up at him, she placed one small hand on his knee and smiled slightly. "I'm sure you will be a great laird," she said quietly, but confidently. "You're brave and strong, wise and you seem to have this... way about you... worldly, I'd call it. Your kin may not understand it, but it will be good for them... you'll see. One day, my old cragedy husband and I will name one of our many ugly little boys after you. The great Noah Campbell," she smiled more then, trying to make a joke, but the smile quickly faded into worry, as his pains made their way back into her mind. "Are you all right? You should be resting."
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