The Tricia (anamacara) wrote in the_highlands,
The Tricia

[[ continued from here ]]

She could finally relax. As her father's arms wrapped around her, she sighed quietly, and burried her face against his shoulder. She didn't care if she'd come here to prove him wrong, or if he would be incredibly angry at her. Right now, she just needed to be held, and to feel like a child again. After a few minutes, she finally pulled away from him, risking a glance back at Noah. Perhaps her gaze lingered a little too long there, at his handsome profile, the way his lips moved. Even in the darkness she could see him, feel his presence like a warm heat even from this distance. "I was treed," she explained softly, a slight tremble in her small body. "Noah..." she paused, letting his name hang in the air as if savoring it, before clearing her throat and meeting her father's gaze equally. "Lord Campbell killed th'boar and go' me down from th'tree." She neglected to tell him that he'd hurt himself in the process and she'd bandaged his wound, lest her face flush with the memory of his bare skin beneath her fingers. "Then Kenneth found us and led us back 'ere."
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