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[[ notes ]] Continued from here. This is the result of an IM conversation between chole_dancer and myself. [[ /notes ]]

Kenneth: Kenneth nearly relaxed when he heard Gabriel's calm even tone. Turning his attention from Keegan's panic-striken, anger ladden face toward Gabriel, promptly ignoring her. "She was nae in th'stables where she was supposed tae wait, Gabriel. Jonathan 'ere says she go' worried and came tae look fer us. Bu' she was nae on any of the main paths on our way here."

Keegan: Keegan's anger boiled even more when Kenneth's attention turned away from her. He thought she was so unimportant that he could just turn away from her like that. She couldn't say that this was the first time she'd encountered this, but Kenneth had always treated her with a modicum of respect. Now that seemed to be all gone. "Ye incompetan' piece o' cattle dung! How dare ye bring my daughter tae Campbell lands an' then lose her?!! Ye're lucky she is lost, or I'd take ye ou'side and flogg ye righ' here."

Gabriel: Gabriel's jaw tightened faintly as Keegan started in on Kenneth again. Yes, he could see why she was upset. But this wasn't helping matters and he was going to tell her so. Looking down at Keegan, he kept his tone even and calm, lowering his voice in an attempt to urge her to do the same. "Keegan, this isnae the time fer tha'. Ye can berate him when our daughter is safe. Righ' now, ye are only wastin' time." It could have sounded harsh, if he hadn't let a bit of his own concern leak into his voice. But he believed that. Now wasn't the time for panic. It was the time for action.

Noah: Well - this...was surprising. Not only had Keegan suddenly yelled and ran out of the hall, but Gabriel himself had left to follow her. From the looks he was getting, and his own instinct...he had to follow. "One moment, please." Directed at his mother before he was making his way out of the hall after the MacAlister's. "Is there a problem, Laird MacAlister?"

Keegan: And if Gabriel thought that she was going to let this go once Fionna was safe, he was sorely mistaken. She was so angry right now, she could brandish a sword herself! But as Noah made his wa from the great hall, she stiffened, and took a deep breath, her gaze on his young face echoing all the years of anger she'd felt toward the Campbells, even if this wasn't about that. But she managed to turn away from his honest eyes as her panic gave way to helpless fear and she took a few steps from Gabriel and the rest of the men, sliding her arms around herself in a tight hug.

Kenneth: Kenneth, however, remained obediently silent. Stepping up beside Gabriel as he turned to face Noah, as if there was a cause to be brave and stoic.

Gabriel: Turning at the sound of the young Campbell, he lifted his chin faintly, silently assessing the young man. while his mind raced withw hat could be happening to Fionna. "My apologies, Noah. But i' seems our daughter, spirited as she is, decided tae follow us tae yer home. Bu'...i' seems she is los' in yer lands.."

Noah: To say Noah was surprised...would be an understatement. This..was not good. He'd noted the look on Keegan's face and knew, without a doubt, if something happened to the young MacAlister girl...any chance of peace would be lost. For no MacGregor or MacAlister for that matter, would tolerate harm to their nobility. And the last thing they needed was for the MacAlister's to dislike them as well. For as much MacBain may need them on his side, Noah was certain he would never come to their aid in return. "Aye... I see. All righ'...le' me ge' some men taegether an' well all go search for her. We know these lands better than ye do, it'll be faster this way."

Keegan: And what exactly would the Campbell's do with her daughter once they had her? Hold her for ransom? Insist the MacAlister's marry her to Noah before they would all Keegan to see her again? With a defeated sigh, she chewed her lip and turned back toward the group. She was seriously beginning to dislike men. They were so... calm. No one was upset about this, or worried, not even Gabriel. She thought she'd heard the inflection of concern in his voice, but looking at him now, she wondered if she even knew him. He seemed so stiff, so... political. And he was going to agree to let those mother-less bastards help, too, wasn't he? She wanted to speak up just then, wanted to insist that this was a MacAlister matter and would be handled by MacAlisters. The anger boiled inside her even more and she found herself digging fingernails into her palms to remain silent.

Gabriel: Gabriel drew in a slow breath. He wasn't going to look at Keegan. This...was the reason he didn't normally allow her to attend these kinds of things. When they were alone..just the two of them, he let her see hwo deeply concerned he was...his fears..all of it. But not now. This was not the time. He felt sick to his stomach with worry and guilt..that something might have happened to Fionna. But now..was not the time. Considering what Noah was offering, he gave a quick nod to show his agreement. It was, afterall, the truth. They knew enough of the lay of the land to get to the keep, but they didn't know it's ins and outs like the Campbell's would. In this...they needed their help. " i' fas'. Kenneth...go back tae the hall an' get the other men. We're headin' ou' now."

Noah: Noah could sense Gabriel weighing his decision..feel the animosity eminating from Keegan. This was..would be a test of their intentions. He knew that now. With a nod, and without another word, he turned and started back to the main hall, knowing from Gabriel's command, Kenneth would be joining them. He would get his father's man to gather the men and start out on his own as well. He just hoped...the MacAlister girl hadn't run into a random Campbell who'd do something stupid.

Fionna: It was far too dark outside. With all the open spaces and hillsides of the MacAlister land, Fionna had never really had to deal with thick forests after sundown. But now she finding herself getting more and more disoriented. Leaning against a large oak to regain her bearings, and her breath, she swallowed back the panic that rose up in her. The thick canopy prevented a lot of light to escape and she was finding it hard to even see where her own footfal was. She was sure she would never find her way back to the main roads now. Catching the sound of some noises coming from the right, assuming it was travelers she could as for directions, she turned and followed the noise, stumbling over a few broken tree branches along the way...

Kenneth: Nodding, Kenneth did as he was commanded and followed Noah back into the main hall. Discreetly he moved to each man and gave them orders to gather outside. And just as discreetly, each man stood and made their way out of the hall to the appointed meeting place just outside the entrance to the Campbell manor house.

Keegan: Keegan stood there, willing herself to calm down, and failing miserably. She knew she would be no help in the search, and more than likely cause more trouble along the way. She could not, however, move from her spot, and as Noah left to round up his men, her gazed trailed to Gabriel. But instead of the anger she felt there, her expression melted to desperation as she watched him, scared to death about the safety of her child.
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