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the_highlands's Journal

Scottish Highlands RPG
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Near the end of the Sixteenth Century.

1597 - the reign of James VI.

Mary, Queen of Scots abdicated her throne nearly 30 years ago, not long after her Witchcraft Acts caused an outbreak of paranoia and senseless killing of innocents. Nearly ten years ago, she was executed at Fotheringhay. The University of Edinburgh was founded fifteen years ago. The Battle of Glenlivet was a mere three years ago...when the MacDonalds were massacred by the MacLeods in a cave on the island of Eigg. Just this year, fresh mass hysteria swept the country with the publication of DEMONOLOGY, the definitive works on witchcraft and demons by the future James VI of Scotland. And Queen Elizabeth I of England has set her eye to Scotland.

The Highland Clans had flourished for nearly 2,000 years. These were the final years of her glory. 1746 wasn't that far away, when the Jacobite rebellion would be stomped out at Culloden Moor.

But that's a dark future no one could predict. Today, in the year of our Lord, 1597..there is a rare moment of peace. A breath for air between Clan feuds that never seemed to end.

Clan MacAlister.

Clan MacBain.

Clan MacGregor.

Clan Cambell.

These are just a few whose borders meet. Who deal with each other for everything. Trade. Travel. Power struggles. Disputes. Greed. And the struggle for peace.

The MacAlisters and the MacBains have long been locked in a struggle for power. It has lasted for generations, and this one is no exception. The current Laird of the MacAlister Clan, Gabriel, has been working for peace. Striving to establish negotiations with the MacBains, ever since his succession to leadership after the death of his father in a clan war between the two clans. A political marraige between himself and the eldest daughter of Laird MacGregor, joined their lands and thwarting the MacBains' similar goals of uniting. Militarily, they now had the upperhand. The union had both safeguarded the MacGregors against MacBain rule and served to facilitate the reconstruction of the MacAlisters after the war that claimed the former Laird.

Fourteen years later, it felt like the calm before the storm. It had been a record amount of time since the last conflict between the clans, and Gabriel was uneasy. The illusion of peace and prosperity was an easy one to fall into. But he could sense...something was brewing.


This is a role-playing game, and all of the characters are created by us. The actors "cast" as characters are not involved; we're just borrowing their likenesses for fun and insanity. No infringement, insult or insight into sexual preferences intended.

This is a closed community, moderated by chloe_dancer. Please email character ideas if you want to join.


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